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The United States is often called "The land of opportunity." We welcome foreign entrepreneurs who want to start a U.S. business. If you are an international company, foreign investor, non-U.S. citizen business person, or foreign student, who wants to start a business in the United States, we are here for you. A non-U.S. citizen or resident can easily start a U.S. business by forming a U.S. limited liability company or U.S. corporation, but, there are important differences to the process U.S. citizens and residents follow. For foreign national businesses and individuals it is important to complete all the formalities with U.S. business law and immigration regulations in mind. You need the assistance of a law firm that understands the complex interrelationship U.S.business laws and U.S. immigration regulations play in the formation, governance, and operation of a U.S. business by foreign nationals. We understand what success requires of a foreign entrepreneur to enter the U.S. market, and the unique needs of individuals and businesses from outside the United States who wish to enter the U.S. market.

At the San Francisco Bay Area firm of Smith Law Group, PC., our lawyers are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs from other countries start up and grow their businesses in the United States. We help foreign companies and investors, non-U.S. citizen professionals and business persons, and international students establish and grow a U.S. business in the United States market. Our goal is for you to think of us as your virtual general counsel and trusted adviser, ready to provide seasoned guidance for all your U.S. legal needs from U.S. entity formation and governance guide to U.S. business operations building adviser to U.S. legal strategist.

Helping Foreign Nationals Successfully Enter The United States Market

From our Silicon Valley California Area office, we help individuals and businesses throughout the world who want to form and grow businesses in the United States. Our U.S. business attorneys work closely and collaborate with each of our clients to identify needs and develop business plans. We use our years of experience in this niche area of law to guide you through the extensive process required to start up and grow a U.S. business as a foreign national.

Our legal solutions are proactive and tailored to fit your specific needs. We have extensive experience in business law and immigration law, with a focus on helping individuals and businesses from outside the United States succeed in this competitive market. Our expertise provides you a needed advantage to help you successfully establish and grow your U.S. business.

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